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Prophecy: The Dreamlands
Book 2 in the Brotherhood of the Star trilogy.

After the thrilling climax of Legacy, Jack and Jennifer want nothing more than for their life to return to normal, free from mystery and intrugue.


Alas, their wish will not be granted.  When an unlikely source offers Jack Knight a chance to save the life of his partner, they once again find themselves embroiled in the machinations of a sinister cult.


This second installment in the Brotherhood of the Star trilogy takes us to a new dimension of intrigue, as Jack and Jennifer must again embark on an epic adventure - one where they must deal with a most unlikely adversary, and where Jack and Jennifer both need to decide who they can trust when the life of the one they love is on the line.

Destiny: The Sacred City
Book 3 in the Brotherhood of the Star trilogy.

Gone but not forgotten...

In the thrilling conclusion of the trilogy, Jack and Jennifer Knight must face a final challenge from the ancient cult that has infiltrated its way into their lives.

Time has passed and Jack and Jennifer now live a simple life, hiding in anonymity and living in fear of the the day when the Brotherhood may return to see their prohpecy fulfilled.

Together they must unlock a mystery older than mankind itself and face a terrifying evil as they battle to see if their future is indeed written in the stars or if their destiny is in their hands.

Legacy: Shadow Watch
Book 1 in the Brotherhood of the Star trilogy.

An unexpected family legacy. A hundred-year-old mystery. A sinister secret society.


When Jack Knight unexpectedly inherits an old family property, he finds himself unwittingly drawn into a deadly mystery dating back to the first world war.

For Jack and his partner Jennifer, what starts as some simple research into their family history soon becomes a dark and dangerous adventure to uncover the hidden secret of his family’s legacy.


Soon, they find themselves threatened by a sinister secret society that is determined to let no-one get in the way of their plans, and they must risk everything to discover the truth.


Together, they must confront an ancient evil in order to save themselves – and possibly all of mankind.

Secrets and Lies
A fast-paced action thriller

John Garner is a happily married man with a beautiful wife and teenage daughter, a regular guy with a regular job and family.
But all that changes when he accidentally stumbles across an old flame while online and he soon finds himself in hot water and way out of his depth, pulled into a world filled with secrets and lies.
Torn between his wife and his first love, John must decide if he can really trust his old lover as he finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly struggle in which both sides are willing to kill to get what they are after.

The Ghost Writer
​"Let me tell you a story about the time when my whole life changed......"


Peter Banner is an author with a string of moderately successful novels to his name,


but is struggling with both his family life and writing after the pain of divorce.

Looking both for inspiration and a new place to live, he jumps at the chance to rent a remote rural cottage: a cottage which until recently belonged to Ed Steele, a famous horror author from the eighties.


His hope is for the same kind of inspiration that launched Ed Steele’s career, but soon discovers that all is not as it seems at Lake View Cottage; there is a growing presence within its walls which threatens to consume all who stay there.


With his neighbour Maddy at his side, can Peter Banner uncover the truth, or will he become another victim of whatever darkness lurks within this sleepy village?

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